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Hire Psd to HTML conversion Freelancer – Reegan

Hi, I am Reegan,- Your freelancer to Convert PSD to HTML

If you are looking for a transformation of your designs or PSD to any conversions, I believe you have reached your destination. I do know the pain and the hassle people go through to get exactly what they want. I am confident and guarantee this time you won’t be disappointed.

With the numerous years of experience and hence expertise I carry in the global industry, I can deliver just what you are looking for. I can help you with your requirement without any hassle, be it HTML related services, such as converting PSD to responsive Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla or be it PSD to responsive HTML/XHTML template, I can do it for you.

On the other hand, I can help you convert your designing vision into reality and take it up to the next level. Be it designing your website, mobile application, logo or as little as brochure designing, I do it all and I do it well. – Well, that is what my clients say about me, check the same in my portfolio!!!

What is so different about me?

It is very simple- the difference is about the way I execute the work.

I first place myself in your shoes to understand your exact requirements. I do my homework, cross checks with you and come up with the solution and new ideas for the same. I commit a timeline and offer a reasonable quote. Once we agree to the same, I kick start the work and deliver the same within the timeline committed. I forward my creation for your review and once it meets your expectation, only then I raise the final invoice. It is that simple, and all the effort and time I put in understanding your requirements, it has never gone the wrong way so far. Moreover, with the link I provide you could check the progression on the work anytime from anywhere. Is that not cool!!!

Still thinking???

Well, this is what I think -

You will agree designing and coding go hand in hand and if done by one the results could be magnificent. I strongly believe my clients deserve the best and nothing less than that and it is my responsibility to deliver the same, and that my friend is how a strong and long term clientele is built. I very well know that it is the quality that I deliver will help me sustain and survive in this market of strong competition. Therefore, when I deliver I make sure it is as per the global standards, best in the market, completely hand coded, and all of this without compromising the quality and within the time committed – No Excuse. And that is not where I stop - I deliver the best without burning a hole in your pocket because I understand what it takes for a long term association. Once a satisfied customer will always be a returning customer,and I definitely do not want to mess around with that.

What More???

Well I can assure my services meets the following:

• SEO friendly That is my first priority
• HTML 5 / CSS 3 vs. XHTML 1.0 / CSS 2.1 That is what is going on in the market
• Mobile and Responsive That is how life becomes simple
• Cross-browser and Cross-Device Compatibility –If I won’t somebody else will
• Completely hand coded No compromise on that
• Meets the best quality as per the global standards My global clientele says so
• Delivery within the timeline committed No excuse

Feel free to check out my portfolio and other sections and if you need any information about anything, or just want to discuss anything related to your requirement, please DO NOT hesitate to reach me anytime. Let me emphasize on the word ANYTIME because I might be online at that time working on something or might be just waiting for you, to help you take your business one step ahead- You never know!

It was nice talking to you and thank you for reading till the end. Appreciate your time.

Have a wonderful day ahead. Look forward to hear from you.

Cheers !!! ,
- Reegan